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Dear Fellow Conservatives,

Welcome to 2017!

2017 is a critical year for our party. We will select a new leader who can replace the shallow, self-absorbed government of Justin Trudeau – a Liberal government lacking policies that benefit Canadians. There has never been a more important decision for us as party members. The vision, tone and substance of our next leader will be the face of the Conservative Party in 2019. This leadership race sets the course for our movement – determining whether the great coalition crafted by Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay succeeds or fails.

Our goal is clear: in 2019, we must replace the Trudeau Liberals with a principled approach that puts everyday Canadians first. We are just over two years away from the next federal election – not a lot of time. Focus is needed to ensure we are ready. That's why I want to begin the New Year by sharing the priorities a Lisa Raitt-led Conservative government will have. The Conservative coalition I believe in is based on common values of hard work, optimism, and self-reliance – the keys to a better future. These are my values. They are Conservative values. They are Canadian values.

They are the values that inspired me to seek public office in 2008 to be part of a principled, unified Conservative team that was ready to lead and win. The Conservative Party I would lead would be based on those same values of principled, pragmatic conservatism – one that believes in:

  • Personal liberty

  • Individual accountability

  • Family Support

  • Safety

  • Tradition

  • These are concrete steps I will take:

    1. Lower Taxes and Less Government

    When we win together in 2019, we will balance the budget, roll back the Liberal Carbon Tax and any new tax on benefits, increase the room available to Canadians in their Tax Free Savings Accounts and constantly look to cut taxes wherever we can. We will make sure that government gets smarter, not bigger.

    2. Create Jobs for All Canadians

    When we win together in 2019, we will create jobs again by encouraging businesses to invest, by ensuring education and training matches the actual jobs required by businesses, by recruiting the world’s best job creators to Canada and by leveraging the scale of the government to ensure Canadians, everywhere, are benefiting from our national investments.

    3. Restore Principled Foreign Policy and Strong Support for our Armed Forces

    When we win together in 2019, we will restore a principled approach to foreign policy. We will stand up for Israel, stand up against dictators and work to completely reform bureaucratic and self-serving institutions like the UN. We will once again get to work rebuilding our Canadian Armed Forces while ensuring we are providing the very real supports our veterans need – because they deserve nothing less.

    4. Use Our Natural Resources to Create Jobs

    When we win together in 2019, there will no bigger booster of rural and northern communities than our government. We will support supply management, rebuild our fisheries, and ensure our natural resources get to market with the full support of the Government of Canada and using the innovation and ingenuity found in our private sector.

    5. Protect our Society

    When we win together in 2019, we will invest in our health system with a particular focus on mental health and autism. We will create a culture of health entrepreneurship – where ideas and information-sharing drive health outcomes with the promise that Canadians' right to quality health care is paramount.

    This is what I believe in and where I would take us. I hope these principles and priorities reflect the Conservative Party you want to see form government in 2019. I look forward to talking about these issues in greater detail in the weeks to come as I put forward my vision for Canada.

    I also want to hear from you – over the next 5 months of the leadership campaign and beyond. Policy should not be formed by a select few in Ottawa. The Conservative Party must always ensure that its members are heard. As Leader, I would engage all party members in policy development so that we plot our course together for victory in 2019.

    This contest is about leadership. It is about which candidate can best communicate our principled policies to Canadians and earn their trust. My track record as a collaborative, decisive leader, sensitive to the concerns of others, but focused on providing positive outcomes for all Canadians makes me that candidate. I can beat Trudeau in 2019. Join my team and help me win.


    Lisa is building a team of the best and brightest from across Canada. Add your name and be part of the next Prime Minister’s team from the beginning. |
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