StopKevinO’ website launched today

OTTAWA, ON – Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt announced a new initiative to present Canadians with a principled, unified Conservative Party of Canada ready to lead and win in 2019.

“I am changing tactics because sensible policy that will help ordinary Canadians is at risk. I cannot stand for that so today I am announcing the launch of the new website,  We will unite Conservatives and Canadians who do not want irresponsible, divisive and negative politics in this leadership campaign.”

In a media briefing at the National Press Theatre, Raitt reflected on the path that led the Conservative Party of Canada to three election victories by earning the trust and being in touch with the values and concerns of Canadian families.

“My vision for our Party is based on our shared conservative values of hard work, optimism, and self-reliance – the keys to a better future. They are my values. They are Conservative values. They are Canadian values.  They are the values that inspired me to seek public office in 2008.  The Conservative Party I would lead would be based on those same values of principled, pragmatic conservatism. 

“We must always be thoughtful about how Canadians hear our words,” added Raitt. “We know the only path to victory is a united and inclusive party.”

“Today, we have two leadership candidates who threaten that path. Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch are embracing elements of Donald Trump’s campaign while ignoring others.”

“O’Leary is the TV entertainer with no filter.  The man who told our soldiers and veterans there is “nothing proud about being a warrior.” The man who thinks 3.5 billion people in poverty is “fantastic news”.  The man who said that if he were “prime minister for 15 minutes” he would make unions illegal – in his words “anybody who remains a union member will be thrown in jail.” Canadians will not elect someone who says nonsense like this.

“Meanwhile, Kellie Leitch is embracing the other half of Donald Trump – the half that wins votes by pinning our problems on immigrants. Leitch called Trump’s message “exciting” and she wants to bring it to Canada. She wants to test immigrants for her undefined “Canadian values” which will destroy one of the pillars of our Party’s success – a decade of work becoming the party of immigrants, the party of Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney.

“Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch are both taking lessons from what we saw in the US Election and embracing a style of negative, irresponsible populism,” Raitt stated. “Unfortunately for them, we are not Americans and neither of them are President-Elect Donald Trump.

“This brand of negative and divisive politics would drive our party right into the ground. Their bluster would allow Justin Trudeau to govern for a generation. Instead of talking about broken Liberal promises and foolish Liberal failures, we would be wasting time and energy on baiting and sensational antics with O’Leary or Leitch. And Canadian families are left without relief. Without relief on their tax bill, on their electricity bill, without new job opportunities.

“If we want to bring conservative ideas back to government in 2019, we need a leader who can beat Justin Trudeau. O’Leary and Leitch can’t. I can. So Canadians deserve a candidate who is willing to stand up to them and their cheap talk. I will.”

Raitt called on Conservatives everywhere to visit the website and sign-up.

“But just as importantly, I’m calling on every Canadian concerned about Kevin O’Leary and Kellie Leitch to join my campaign,” she said. “If you want to stop this style politics from coming to Canada, go to and join our campaign.”

 “My plan is to lower taxes – including rolling back the Liberal Carbon Tax – to create jobs in every corner of our country, to restore a principled approach to foreign policy and strong support for our Armed Forces and veterans, to use our natural resources to create jobs, and to invest in our healthcare system.

 “These are the priorities that affect everyday Canadians. These are the priorities that are being compromised by the Trudeau Liberals in favour of photo-ops and international celebrity.”


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