Lisa's Plan for the North

WHITEHORSE – Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt announced her Plan for the North today focused on research and development for the new economy, infrastructure and energy, natural resource development, health, social and local food support along with longer term financial stability.

“To achieve success in the new economy, efforts must be made to focus on key areas and priorities that will specifically benefit Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut,” Ms. Raitt said. “A top priority will be to work with the territories to expand access to circumpolar markets through regional trade deals.”
Raitt stated that after winning in 2019 the next Conservative government will also implement the following policy pillars:
Infrastructure and Energy
  • Enshrine the requirement for "base plus" allocations of infrastructure dollars in a Northern Infrastructure policy. This policy acknowledges that per capita funding on infrastructure funds does not work in remote, Northern regions of Canada
Resource Economy
  • Enshrine the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit for 10 years to create certainty for industry. The current annual renewal process makes it difficult for companies to plan multi-year investments
  • Allow aboriginal consultations to be an expense in the definition of exploration for the tax credit
Health, Social Supports and Local Food
  • Recognizing that costs associated with health care are higher in Northern and remote communities, commit to a multi-year renewal of targeted health investment initiatives
  • Support local food initiatives, including developing Northern-appropriate greenhouse technology, to increase locally available food options
Financial Sustainability
  • Provide 10-year funding commitments to undo the damage of the Liberal claw backs to Territorial Formula Financing and ensure territories are full partners in fiscal discussions
  • Reduce offsets against resource revenues to help incentivize resource development
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