Lisa's Plan for a Stronger Conservative Party

Lisa Raitt Announces Plan for a Stronger Conservative Party

EDMONTON, AB -- Lisa Raitt, leadership candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, today announced her plan for a stronger Conservative Party of Canada.


“To win in 2019 and replace the Trudeau government, we need to renergize the Big Blue machine," said Ms. Raitt. "We will do this by  coordinating with provincial parties, empowering MPs and return to the grassroots policies which allowed us to defeat the Liberals in 2006."

Lisa Raitt’s plan for a Stronger Conservative Party includes:

  • Respect for Party Members and our Movement –Reconnect with Conservatives across Canada directly.
  • Direct contact for all members with CPC leadership.
  • Annual, provincial CPC Working Sessions where local Members/EDAs, MPs, Candidates, MLAs/MPPs gather to train, learn and share ideas.

 ·  Grassroots Policy - Within 12 months of becoming leader, undertake the largest and most comprehensive grassroots policy development process in the Party’s history.  Institute regional policy conferences and appoint caucus leaders to lead and champion that process.

 ·  A 338 Riding Strategy in 2019 – Invest in every riding and work with local associations and activists to ensure our candidates have the greatest opportunity to succeed.

 ·  Regain our Fundraising Advantage – Convene a special committee of the best fundraisers we have to modernize and refresh our approach. Work through the Party’s regional representatives to develop a more equal sharing of our fundraising. Ridings should benefit, not just the central party.

 ·  Empower MPs and their constituents – Empower our elected MPs by giving them the power back to elect their own representatives from Caucus, allowing free votes on all non-confidence matters.

 ·  A Better Senate  Elected and accountable.

 “The Party needs to give real voice to members. I'm committed to making sure their voices are heard and delivering the most grassroots policy process in our Party’s history," Ms. Raitt continued. 

To win in 2019, the Conservative Party will need to win seats they held in 2015 and ones that they've never held before by being competitive in every single riding, ceding no ground to the Liberals.

"We will work with our provincial and municipal conservative cousins, with better coordination and sharing of best practices to deliver pragmatic conservative governments to Canadians at all levels."


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