Lisa Raitt Announces Plan to Lower Taxes and Remove Government Burdens to Job Creation

HAMILTON – A Lisa Raitt led Conservative government will reduce taxes on all Canadians and remove government burdens on job creation.

Ms. Raitt announced her plan for lower taxes and less government in Hamilton.

“Every dollar the government collects in taxes is money that was earned by somebody else’s hard work,” Ms. Raitt said in announcing the policy.  “Taxes are not just about what gets taken from your paycheck or added to your hydro bill.  

They are also a burden and a barrier for a young person looking for a job, a senior worried about their retirement security, or new parents struggling to save for their children’s education.”

“Conservatives have always believed in keeping taxes low and I plan to bring them lower.”

Lisa Raitt’s plan for lower taxes and less government is built on five pillars:

  • A Tax Cut for All Canadians that ensures no one pays federal tax on their first $15,000 of income and puts an average of $500 back in the pocket of every Canadian worker.  
  • Lower Taxes on Small Businesses by reducing the federal corporate income tax rate from 10.5% to 9% to spur growth and create jobs.
  • Axe the Carbon Tax by removing any federal tax or similar policy measure that forces the Government of Canada or Provinces to increase taxes on gasoline, home heating and manufacturing or industrial jobs – such as Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax plans.
  • Enhance the Tax Free Savings Account (“TFSA”) by returning the upper limit on TFSAs to $10,000 a year and be tied to inflation going forward.
  • Double the Apprenticeship Incentive and Completion Grant to $4,000 a year in order to put more Canadian youth into the skilled trades – jobs our economy needs.

“Less money in Ottawa means more money in the household budgets of young families saving for a new home.  It means keeping more money in the hands of workers, tradespeople and small business owners who are prepared to work hard, take a risk and chase a dream.  Ultimately, it means more jobs and a stronger economy,” said Ms. Raitt.

Justin Trudeau’s signature policy announcement to date has been his demand that Canadian families pay a new carbon taxes that will drive up the costs of gasoline and home heating.  Trudeau is also looking at a new $2.9 billion tax on health and dental benefits which we know will mean less coverage and higher tax bills for families.

“While Justin Trudeau parties with billionaires, more and more Canadians will be left struggling to pay the bills as result of his latest tax schemes.  He does not understand the severe pressures facing families from coast to coast,” said Ms. Raitt.  

“As Prime Minister I’m going to help Canadians hang on to more of their own money so they can spend, save and invest in the things that matter most.”


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