Lisa Raitt Launches Detailed Infrastructure Plan

Quebec City – Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt announced her Infrastructure Plan today focused on building the construction projects that will enhance Canada’s economy now.

Raitt’s Infrastructure Plan will be achieved through partnerships with the private sector to create better jobs and projects that will stand the test of time.

According to the World Economic Forum, Canada ranks globally 26th in quality of roads, 19th in quality of railroad infrastructure, 21st in quality of port infrastructure and 16th in air transport infrastructure. Justin Trudeau’s prioritization of green and social projects is based on ideology, not an objective assessment of what Canada’s economy requires to be competitive in the century ahead.

“Justin Trudeau’s so-called “infrastructure bank” is a gimmick and unnecessarily complicated,” Raitt explained. “We need shovels in the ground now, not another Ottawa bureaucracy getting in the way.”

As former CEO of the Toronto Port Authority and Minister of Transport, Raitt has the background and knowledge to get the best return possible on infrastructure investments for taxpayers across the country.

“Only the Conservative Party has a record of significant infrastructure investment while balancing the budget,” she said. “The Liberal Party’s deficit spending means less money will be available to spend on infrastructure over the long term.”

The four pillars of the Raitt Infrastructure Plan would:

 Prioritize Economic Infrastructure,

 Support Local Workers and Businesses,

 Deliver Construction Projects On-Time and On-Budget Using Public-Private Partnerships, and

 Make Firm Commitments to Provinces and Municipalities.

“I will spend a majority of the Government of Canada’s infrastructure budget on economy-enhancing construction projects” said Raitt. “In addition to roads, bridges and railways, this means ports, border crossings, regional airports and broadband connectivity.

“I will prioritize concrete trade corridors over abstract green experiments,” she said. “With a renewed focus on projects that put good, local Canadian jobs first.

“As more skilled tradesmen and women reach retirement age, we need to do more to get the next generation into high-skill, high-wage careers in the trades. To do this I would incentivize partners to include provisions for taking on first-year apprentices and create jobs specifically for individuals under the age of 25.”


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