Lisa Raitt Delivers Plan for Smaller, Smarter Government

A Lisa Raitt led Conservative government will balance the budget, reduce the size of government and bring decision making closer to local communities.

A government that fails to live within its means is also a government that fails Canadians.

While it will take time and effort to clean up Justin Trudeau’s fiscal mess, as Prime Minister Lisa will ensure that the deficit will only go in one direction – down – until the budget is balanced once again.

Lisa Raitt’s plan for lower taxes and less government is built on three key planks:

 Balancing the Budget and implementing a taxpayer protection act that protect Canadians from future

Trudeau like governments

 Reducing the Size of the Federal Government – by subjecting every government spending program an

initiative to review, looking t eliminate government wherever possible.

 Decentralizing Government – by moving more government decision making out of Ottawa and into the

communities most impacted while working with local governments to make sure we maximize the

impact and benefit to taxpayers.

Justin Trudeau has put Canada is on pace to add over a trillion dollars in debt over the next generation.

Lisa will stop mortgaging your children’s future and mine to pay for bigger and bigger government.

She we will bring spending lower, shrink the size of the Ottawa bureaucracy and bring your government closer to you.

Lisa is building a team of the best and brightest from across Canada. Add your name and be part of the next Prime Minister’s team from the beginning. |
Authorized by the Official Agent for Lisa Raitt