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Responsible, compassionate, and thoughtful, Lisa Raitt’s life changed when she first met Stephen Harper, who inspired her to run in the former riding of Halton in 2008 and then asked Lisa to serve in his Cabinet immediately after being elected to the House of Commons. She was most recently re-elected to serve as the Member of Parliament for Milton. Keep Reading
What's New
Lisa's Plan for the North
Apr 18, 2017
WHITEHORSE – Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt announced her Plan for...
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Lisa's Plan for a Stronger Conservative Party
Mar 02, 2017
Lisa Raitt Announces Plan for a Stronger Conservative Party EDMONTON, AB...
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Lisa's Health Care Plan
Feb 19, 2017
VERNON, BC – Leadership candidate Lisa Raitt today announced her...
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Lisa Launches National Innovation Consultation
Feb 11, 2017
TORONTO, ON –  Lisa Raitt announced today a national consultation...
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Lisa Raitt Delivers Plan for Smaller, Smarter Government
Feb 04, 2017
A Lisa Raitt led Conservative government will balance the budget,...
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Lisa Raitt Announces Plan to Lower Taxes and Remove Government Burdens to Job Creation
Jan 19, 2017
HAMILTON – A Lisa Raitt led Conservative government will reduce...
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We're With Lisa
While Lisa and I were both elected in 2008, I got to know her well during the time we were seatmates in the House of Commons. Lisa has always demonstrated a great depth of knowledge when it comes to dealing with policy files. This, paired with her honest sincerity allows her to communicate with Canadians in a way that others can’t. She is our best hope to win in 2019.
The Hon. Keith Ashfield
New Brunswick
It’s refreshing to see someone of Lisa Raitt’s caliber- with her Cape Breton roots and Ontario public service record- aspire to lead our great Party. Lisa’s tenacity and authenticity, and frankly deep understanding of our country and the struggles many Canadians face, make her my choice to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.
Lisa MacLeod
Lisa is building a team of the best and brightest from across Canada. Add your name and be part of the next Prime Minister’s team from the beginning.
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